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3D sphere Puzzlerizer

by Peter Bock on
3D sphere Puzzlerizer - 3D design by Peter Bock

This model might look esoteric, but that's because it's actual a tool, rather than a model in it's own right.

By Booleaning this model out of a spherical 3D object (like, say, the Death star, the moon, or some other 3D globe/sphere), you can cut it into puzzle pieces.

The model doesn't go all the way through, so you first need to hollow out your 3D spherical object.

I tend to do it like this:

1. place the Puzzlerizer and the hollowing sphere so that:

- the puzzlerizer encompasses the entire object, clearly cutting it into pieces, but with most of it's mass inside the object you want to puzzlerize

- The hollowing sphere is centered inside your model, so that it is at least slightly larger than the empty center of the puzzlerizer model

2. Open the Boolean plugin and:

- set YOUR object as the main object

- Set the puzzlerizer (wireframe 0.15mm) layer with the cut-out option

- set the hollowing sphere layer with the cut-out option

3. Boolean the model

4. convert the result into a layer, possibly adjusting the hollowing sphere size if you think the pieces are too thick/thin.


The rest of the pictures of this model represent several different spherical objects I've puzzlerized.

Have fun :)

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