Cole Wagner

Attachable Door Shoe Holder

by Cole Wagner on Apr 5, 2018
Attachable Door Shoe Holder - 3D design by Cole Wagner Apr 5, 2018

<p>Overall this shoe holder has 3 simple parts that is basically a clamp to fit on most doors and make it easy for users to run out the house without searching for their shoes and come home knowing they have a dedicated place for their shoes and not just throwing them on the floor. This shoe holder is attachable to doors and designed slim enough in order to fit most doors (door widths/thickness within 45cm/1.77inch). The attachable part of the shoe holder is a variation of the screw clamp in order to be out of the way of the door being closed, but also out of the way of putting on and off shoes without interference. The clamp is slim enought (3mm slim) to fit around most doors but not slim enough to fit around doors with low tolerences (the space between the door and the door frame). The shoe holder only holds one pair of shoes varying from flip flops to heavy work boots that hangs on your door that waits for you instead of you searching them after a hard days work.</p>

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