Bangle of Frogs

by Omni-Moulage on
Bangle of Frogs - 3D design by Omni-Moulage


According the Vectary contest I created an original bangle dedicaced to my country.

To create it I used a model of frog found on Thingiverse and a wrapped text created from internet tool.

From Vectary, I created the half of the bangle then I completed it by addition of the frog and the text.

To finish I used the plugin "Mirror" to make a entire bangle.

About the size of this bangle, from Vectary it will be easy to change the size according the size of the wrist.

Difficulty found:

The frog was extruted in direction of a plan because I can't found the method to wrap it with Vectary.

Help requested:

- How enroll a text or a 3D model along a curve with Vectary ?

- I used Vectary from Firefox and it was terrible because the software crashed several times: How improve that ?

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