Chinese Tea Set (copy)

by Rei.T on Oct 13, 2018
Chinese Tea Set (copy) - 3D design by Rei.T Oct 13, 2018

So here's a little traditional Chinese tea set. Parts of the tea set include the teapot, the serving glass (公道杯 - prevents the tea from going bitter by leaving it in the tea pot), the tea canister, the vase which contains the chaze (茶则 - for measuring the amount of tea), the tea needle (used to clean the spout) and the tea tongs (for picking up hot cups), the "covered cup" (盖碗 - used to brew as well as to drink tea), the strainer, the cloth, the tray, coasters and the teacups - the "Appreciation Cup" (品茗杯 - for drinking) and the "Aroma Cup" (闻香杯 - for appreciating the smell of the tea). The current dimensions are 30cm by 21cm by 10.5cm.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA)