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Cookie Cutter and Bauble Selection

by mrtn ksr on Dec 17, 2017
Cookie Cutter and Bauble Selection - 3D design by mrtn ksr Dec 17, 2017

<p>Here we have a selection of different cookie cutters for the whole family - ranging from traditional designs like an angel over a low resolution deer to a funky fresh father christmas! <br>All of the cookie cutters are also suitable to be hung on the tree as baubles.<br>The fun thing with VECTARY is how easily you can implement your own drawings to create a 3D piece from it. I used Inkscape to produce vector graphics which can then be uploaded. <br>The cookie dough:<br>250g flour, 100g fine sugar, 2 egg yoke, 125g butter, some vanilla flavour. In the oven at 150C for about 8min.<br>The cutters are printed with a RepRap protos 2.0, PLA filament (food safe).<br><br>I hope you enjoy your cookies and merry Chrismas!<br></p>

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