The Real link legend

Da wae place

by The Real link legend on May 18, 2018
Da wae place - 3D design by The Real link legend May 18, 2018

<p>The yellow place is the wae shop.Shop</p><p>The dark blue place is the Ebola house.Where they all live.</p><p>The light blue place is a church and a hospital.No extra nickname.</p><p>The black...thing is da queen's place.for famous people only.</p><p>the thing in the center is what generates the energy through the whole entire place it has a back up next to it.</p><p>That silver half sphere is shelter not only does it protect, it goes under ground. Just in case</p><p>The spikes are the fun places,so you can, well, have fun. The little one is phisical&nbsp; fun and the big one is digital fun.<br></p>

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