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Eberly-class light freighter

by fuck off on Aug 23, 2016
Eberly-class light freighter - 3D design by fuck off Aug 23, 2016

<p>Produced by Titan Methaneworks Inc., Eberly-class light freighter is regarded as one of the fastest ships ever made. Powered by 3 massive fission engines, this ship can produce enough thrust to crush its passengers, or generate enough electricity to overload entire Martian power grid. Despite this, the most recognized features of this class are two large, entirely useless, solar panels, which were added after designers insisted that they will make ship look more "spaceship-y". Thanks to this, engineers often speculated that these designers must be at most 12 years old. Another argument to support this theory was request to paint flames on ship's sides in order to make it go faster, which was declined after much whining from the engineers and compromise was made to at least paint the engines red. When scientist were asked about this whole paint debate, he responded with: "It's just as well, it looks stupid enough already..."</p>

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