Brent Wiseman


by Brent Wiseman on Mar 25, 2018
GrapeArbor - 3D design by Brent Wiseman Mar 25, 2018

<p>Grape trellis/arbor build, built upside down for ease of modelling.<br><br>2 - 8 ft 4x4 in posts (~10 in. buried)<br>2 - 6 ft 3.5x1 in cross beams (leaving ~4 in of the posts above)<br>9 - 1.5 ft ~2x1 in slats across the top (spaced 6 in apart)<br><br>4 - 45 degree angled support beams on both sides - probably ~1ft 1x3.5. It was a bitch to model so I just stopped at one to show the idea and look.<br><br>As well, I will probably put 4 screws sticking out from the beams, 2 in each beam on opposite sides - or 8 if I want 2 layers - so I can simply tie twine or wire between the 2 posts to help train the grapes as they grow upward.</p>

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