Roman Danielis

Jetpack Wizard

by Roman Danielis on Sep 9, 2016
Jetpack Wizard - 3D design by Roman Danielis Sep 9, 2016

<p>While not as powerful as Gryllinson the Ultimate, and not nearly as mad as Ulfius the Chickenman, Toryohn's strength comes primarily from his mobility. Wearing a magic jetpack, he is able to fly over difficult terrain such as swamps or spiky rocks, or cast fireballs and ice shards from above upon unsuspecting victims and quickly get away.</p><p>Toryohn the Mad is probably most feared enemy of farmers and florists. Each spring he goes on the rampage to drain souls of flowers and use them to power his mighty jetpack. It is therefore more and more common to see villagers hire air-to-air witches to sweep the skies and ward off Toryohn for them.</p><p>Increased popularity of witches naturally lead to increased sales of brooms, which are manufactured by none other than Orsillion the Average, son of Sighelm the Common, son of Aufron the Uninteresting, son of Erhoren IV. the Unnoticed. By coincidence, Erhoren was also father to Hidis the Interesting who bought lot of stocks of Sighelm's broom factory when it opened and passed them down to his son Xerihies the Curious, who passed them down to his son Toryohn the Mad, who now runs a huge profit from broom sales.</p>

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