Molly Michelle Friedrich

Lego Padding (Mattress/upholstery)

by Molly Michelle Friedrich on Apr 24, 2018
Lego Padding (Mattress/upholstery) - 3D design by Molly Michelle Friedrich Apr 24, 2018

<p>this is a 3x3 tile with a padding-textured surface.</p><p>It is part of a set of texture tiles I am building, in sizes and types that Lego has not done before, and is unlikely to do any time soon.</p><p>I love Lego and support their business!</p><p>I am planning a Kick-starter to help fund the purchase of a metal mould and a large run of this and some other parts in a range of Lego compatible colors.</p><p>Please stay tuned, I will add the Kick-starter info here when it launches.</p>

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