light TITAN

by oliver.laymond on Sep 7, 2017
light TITAN - 3D design by oliver.laymond Sep 7, 2017

The light titan is a thin, light and beautiful titan. It is made out of glass coated titanium for the hardest of drops. It sports a beautiful 5.5 inch 5k oled display, for the deepest of blacks. We opted for not one, not two, but three cameras, 1 canon wide angle lens above a sony sensor, one samsung depth sensor for portrait images and a awesome RED sensor on a smart gimbal to capture smooth, crisp 5k RED raw footage. We chose usb type C for futureproofing and we even generously included a scarlet amplified headphone jack for the punchiest of audio. We chose A snapdragon X processor boost clock to 3.9 ghz, 6gigs of ram for seamless multitasking and a Mali gnu to power that beautiful 5k screen. Starting price: 999 usd.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA)