London Bridge

by 3017676 on May 14, 2018
London Bridge - 3D design by 3017676 May 14, 2018

<p>London Bridge was more than a structure. It might be called a bridge, but it is a mini little London inside of London. During time of grief or huge suffering the small “town” groups together as a family to comfort one another. People there are so close they knew the fathers and mother before them. They knew every tiny little secret that would flutter around and every newcomer who came. "It had aristocracy, of course, it’s fine old families of butchers, and bakers, and what not.” It was a regular old town with people who did have ignorance and were self-conceited. Children were born on the London bride themselves. Above all London bridge was its own little place where once people entered fell in love with the area and never wanted to go back.</p>

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