Andy Klement

Mad Hatter Lampshade

by Andy Klement on Aug 10, 2016
Mad Hatter Lampshade - 3D design by Andy Klement Aug 10, 2016

<p>VECTARY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED<br><br>- the challenge was to make a lampshade...&nbsp;<br>- well I tried a different approach to modelling just by CUSTOMIZING and using only these 3 TOOLS!!!!<br><br>IMPORT - every single object was imported. I browsed all published models on VECTARY in the EXPLORE section and parts I liked i exported as lowpoly models.. then simpyl dragged them to the stage<br>MOVE - once imported I moved them to desired place<br>SCALE - scaled all objects to match the size so they fit on the Hat<br><br>I had this idea of the MadHatters Hat from Alice in Wonderland and my personal challenge was not to to touch the drawing tool and make everything just by customizing and moving objects.<br><br>How do you like it?<br><br>IMPORTS OF VARIOUS SUBOBJECTS WERE FROM:<br><br><br><br><br></p>

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