Matterhorn chocolate mold

by Andy on Aug 14, 2017
Matterhorn chocolate mold - 3D design by Andy Aug 14, 2017

<p>A teacher who uses vectary gave me a link to a website which creates .stl files from any map location&nbsp;<a href=""></a><br><br>I choose the famous mountain Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Once I imported the .stl file which was just drag and drop. I fixed some holes, one on the bottom and two smaller ones, they were highlighted with red lines, so I used the "cap open boundries" tool. I made also a "negative" form by rotating the mountain 180 degree and extruded the walls to add thickness. Added some legz to to keep it in level.&nbsp;<br><br>Thanks David Carter for the tip also for the positive feedback.<br><br>What is your favourite mountain, volacno, island? What would you do with a topo-model?&nbsp;</p>

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