Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd

by 3dprms on Jan 9, 2018
Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd - 3D design by 3dprms Jan 9, 2018

<p>Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd (Mēkā), formerly known as Meka Studios LLP, was started in May 2013. Mēkā (pronounced Mec-ca), which is the Japanese term for “maker”, is focused on enabling creativity and innovation through 3d printing. </p><p>Mēkā provides a 3D design and Printing service and is the authorized distributor for 3D printing materials through the <b><a href="https://www.3dprms.com">3D Printing Materials</a></b> Store. Mēkā is also the guardian of BuiltinSG, a project to marry Singapore's heritage with 3D printing. Mēkā also provides service support for various models of 3D printers and conducts training courses with various organizations and corporations in Singapore.</p>

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