mission proxima b

by Mirka on Aug 27, 2016
mission proxima b - 3D design by Mirka Aug 27, 2016

<p>Proxima B is is the closest known exoplanet to the Solar System and the closest potentially habitable exoplanet known. It's also a name of the multigenerational space mission. The planet is located about 4,2 light-years from Earth. Thanks to advanced technology the mission takes only 500 years to get there.</p><p><br></p><h4>SPACESHIP COMPONENTS:</h4><p>Engine and navigation head</p><p>Electromagnetic air bubble with habitable cells</p><p>Stabilisator of the atmosphere</p><p><br></p><h4>LIFE AT THE SPACESHIP PROXIMA B</h4><p>Life at the spaceship is very similar to Earth's life. Engineers, scientists, teachers, manual workers (and surprisingly PR specialists) are living with their families in cells floating in a breathable air bubble. There are days and nights simulated. During the day, people can see a blue sky all around, during the night they can observe outer space. If you want to visit another cell you just swim like you were in a swimming pool, or you can use the first and only fully functional hooverboard in the history of humanity (not those earthly fakes!).&nbsp;</p><p>Design of cells were inspired by the virus diseases, as according to the latest religious and philosophical movements, humanity is just an infectious disease in this world.</p><p>Kids are trained since their heart starts to beat in mother's womb. In a half of human life - when people reach their best productive age of 70, they go to hibernated sleep. When the planet will be reached, they will wake up and help colonise it.</p><p><br></p>

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