Roman Danielis


Monstress - 3D design by Roman Danielis

In the spooky forest thumping

ongoing was carpet bombing

Earth in air the wood got splintered

Shaved hand clean of poor old Mildred

Cast her eyes on image dreary

Cast her eyes with glance so weary

Pondered question: "Am I scary?!"

Still she knows the answers not

Cursed and hissed and screeched and whispered

Howled and screamed far into distance:

"I'll avenge you little sister!"

Cried she towards hateful lot

From that day on every autumn

From that forest come back frightened

Forever their fears are heightened

Souls and hearts and brains made weak!

Hear her wheel come - squeak squeak squeak!!!

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA)
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