Santa's Fortress of Solitude 1.1

by Kai on Dec 15, 2017
Santa's Fortress of Solitude 1.1 - 3D design by Kai Dec 15, 2017

<p>This is a re-publish for Yoshi I hope this file works for you.</p><p>As cold and darkness spreads across the land a hero rises to dispense joy to all! This omnipotent figure with a luxuriant beard and funky red suit completes a super human miracle but once a year. Where does he go after Christmas? What does he do? He retires to his fortress of solitude in the frigid wastes to prepare for the next year of course! </p><p>So any way I took inspiration from the Vectary snow globe idea and went with it. I tried to imagine Santa as a super hero and designed him a Superman style grotto in the tundra. I imagined him using his festive magic to summon an ice fortress from the ground like a giant ice crystal.</p><p>I printed it on the high quality setting and I used a flash forge finder. It had an infill of 10% and I used white PLA with no supports. Once printed I painted the trees using green acrylic. I then masked off everything but the grotto and gave it a light spray with silver spray paint. </p><p>I then used epoxy resin to glue it into the lid of an olive jar. I then poured some water into the jar, plus a table spoon of glycerine and a tea spoon of silver glitter. I screwed it together and bam a DIY snow globe.</p>

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA)
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