Marcos Jover

The wheel

by Marcos Jover on Jan 10, 2018
The wheel  - 3D design by Marcos Jover on Jan 10, 2018

<p>The early wheel was first invented between 4000 and 3500 BCE. The first wheels were solid, hard pieces of wood made into circular forms. They were used for early form of transports, mainly powered by animals or persons. The early wheels were not very easy to turn, so they were not very efficient for transport, however some early wheels were used for pottery uses (pots for transporting liquids and decoration). It is thought that the first wheels originate from Mesopotamia (modern day Turkey) and the middle east region. The wheel helped to exchange goods, traditions and culture around long and short space travelling. The earliest civilizations such as ancient Egypt or the fertile crescent civilizations would have benefited from this invention if it had come earlier.</p>

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