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Trond's office

by Dank Link on May 11, 2018
Trond's office - 3D design by Dank Link May 11, 2018

<p>With this one, It may not look like much at all (Trust me, I raged quite hard at making this piece of garbage) but it actually explains a few main points in this... structure. The hallway I had to cut short, as I had not enough space (at the time) and made the office. I tried to make the office different than a generic office, but to no avail. What happens in here is that this is where Jazz gets her job and her boss later on gets murdered. (Spoiler). This is a spot that shows up frequently, as this was one of Jazz's safe areas until recently.&nbsp;</p><p>Project by: Evan Stark, Lily Brambila, and Joseph McCrea</p>

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