Turtle Case (iphone 7)

by schnaaab on Sep 17, 2017
Turtle Case (iphone 7) - 3D design by schnaaab Sep 17, 2017

<h4><p>I've always been a fan of the more pebble shaped iPhones so for the #designedwithvectary competition I started making a more dome shaped case. I often see animals hidden in designs and when I noticed that this guy was starting to look like a turtle I had to take that Idea and run with it. I present to you the Turtle-case for Iphone 7. I'll admit that the case isn't perfect for those that prefer skinny jeans and no handbag, but for those that can compromise you'll have a phone with a shell load of edgy character.</p><p>The keen eye'd will notice the print in the pictures doesn't have spaces for edge buttons and charger, I have since added all the relevant holes to the case.</p></h4>

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