UFO Lamp. Alien Abduction. "Not the Cow!"

by naomi.kendall on Sep 19, 2017
UFO Lamp. Alien Abduction. "Not the Cow!" - 3D design by naomi.kendall Sep 19, 2017

<p>First of all a BIG THANKYOU to "YahooJAPAN" for uploading a cow 3d file to share on thingiverse. I've just scaled down the cow to fit neatly into my UFO lamp - Alien Abduction.</p><p>"Oh no, not the cow!"</p><p>After printing the separate pieces (just the base, ufo and cow, disregard the light beam and glass dome) I painted everything with acrylic paint. The cow was white with brown spots and a wide eyed terrified expression. The U.F.O was painted silver, and the ground was grass green. I attached a small piece of extruded clear filament to the underside of the cow to give it some invisible lift off, and secured the other side to the grass. A portion of takeaway plastic container was cleaned and shaped into a tube for the light beam. The clear plastic "light beam" tube was then inserted into the bottom hole of the U.F.O to hold it up at the desired height and glued in place. I used a 1m length batterypowered xmas light chain for the lights - i started by wrapping it around the outside edge, and then neatly tucked the rest into the ufo to shine through the "light beam". Another piece of clear plastic was shaped into the cockpit dome at the top and secured in place.</p>

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