Maureen Nemetski

Welded Plate Necklace (Extra layers removed)

by Maureen Nemetski on Aug 28, 2017
Welded Plate Necklace (Extra layers removed) - 3D design by Maureen Nemetski Aug 28, 2017

<p>My Welded Plate Necklace with extraneous layers removed.</p><p>This is modeled after a hammered gold necklace my husband bought me on our honeymoon 15 years ago. </p><p>This is Variation 1: all the plates are welded together.</p><p>Variation 2 (published as "Plate Necklace"): The plates are connected via bridges. Depending on your print material, this should allow a little more flexibility.</p><p>Please scale to fit your printer and the wearer. Or print a small version as a necklace charm/pendant.</p><p>Feel free to customize and add spaces/rings for a jewelry clasp so it can be worn as a choker.</p><p>Enjoy!</p>

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