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Low Poly Space is our first collection created by our user Roman Klčo. Roman is the Design Lead at an online bookstore with a passion for 3D design. In his free time, he also works on his own educational platform Polygonrunway.


How to create 3D designs with the Low Poly Space Collection

  1. Open a Vectary project
  2. Click on the Library tab
  3. Now drag and drop an object to the canvas to create a 3D scene. You can use the recommended materials, or pick another material in the material menu. To change colors or upload your own material go to the Object tab and click on the object you want to edit.
  4. Add lights, and cameras and finally render the image. 
  5. You can download your image as a png, jpg, various 3D formats, and even as a Facebook 3D photo. Your visual can also be embedded on the web - letting your visitors see it in 3D and augmented reality on their phones.

Note: All Library collections and Vectary assets, materials, and environments can be used in your commercial projects.


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Interview with the creator

Describe the style of the collection you've created for the Vectary library and explain why you've chosen this style. 

I always loved creating worlds, and I'm a space junkie. Whether it's science or sci-fi, space had this special place and creating a little world with this theme was a no-brainer. And there's also a lot of possibilities for the designers to use such a theme, as it offers a good visual metaphor for a wide range of different topics or products. As for the style, I always liked the design of little cartoon planets, and at the same time, I love sci-fi operas like 2001: Space Odyssey. So this collection is my attempt to merge these into a consistent visual style with a sprinkle of retro-futurism.

Do you have a formal design education, or are you self-taught? How did you gain your skills? 

I am an accomplished double drop-out :) It might be that the particular school was a bad match, but it always felt for me like I was wasting time. There were some great classes, but I didn't see the benefits of getting a degree. I was always driven by a passion for the work I do and the need to continually learn and explore new things and skills. If something catches my attention, I go deep and don't let go until I feel I understand the foundations.


How often do you learn new tools or pick up new skills for your portfolio? 

As often as I can. I have a long reading queue that I maintain consistently, and I always bookmark exciting tools or technologies and get back to them periodically. If something stands out, I try to absorb the fundamentals as quickly as I can by doing a demo product or prototype. That's why I gravitate towards education content creation lately, it makes sense to share these journeys with others.

I gravitate towards education content creation lately, it makes sense to share these journeys with others

Whose work do you enjoy following?  

When it comes to brand design, I really like the work of COLLINS, especially how they shifted the illustration trends with their latest Dropbox and Mailchimp rebrands. And I admire their strong reading culture, where it's imperative, that the designer working with them is a passionate reader. Then I followed FANTASY (formerly fantasy interactive, or Fi) for like 15 years or so. Always the best interactive digital microsites and projects. After so many years, transcending technologies like Flash, still at the top of the field. For individuals in the digital and interactive design, I really dig the work of Gleb Kuznetsov (former FANTASY art director) who does an absurdly fantastic job when it comes to incorporating 3D into interaction design.

What is your favorite Vectary feature?

That would be the web embed. The whole idea of a 3D content management system with live 3D embeds is super exciting. Can't wait to see how it will develop over time.

A Vectary 3D/AR Viewer created with LowPoly Space Assets. Open this blog on iPhone with Safari or Android with Chrome and see it in AR Read more about the feature.

Check Roman's work on Dribbble, Instagram, Youtube and his web.

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