PBR wood material collection

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We are happy to introduce our new collection of photorealistic wood materials specially optimized for Vectary Photon rendering.

Whether it’s furniture design, architecture or an abstract scene, these PBR materials will move your renders to the next level. It doesn’t matter how big your object is. We made sure the wood materials will always look good and photorealistic.

Thinking about embedding your design to the website to showcase it in 3D and Augmented Reality? These sets of materials are optimized for WebAR as well, so you don’t need to worry about the size of the texture.

How to use PBR wood materials in Vectary

  1. Create an account in Vectary and open the 3D editor (Studio)
  2. Create your model from scratch or import your 3D model, or go to Library and drag and drop an object onto the scene.
  3. Now open the Library tab and in Collections click on Wood materials
  4. Select the object you want to change the material for and drag and drop the material to it from the library. (Alternatively, just click on the material)
  5. Add lights and ShadowPlane and start rendering with Vectary Photon. Go to Render tab, download or open the Vectary Photon app, then hit Generate Render to start photorealistic rendering.

Tip: How to fix a broken material

This means you need to apply UV projections on the object

1. Select the object with the broken material

2. Go to Object mode > Helpers > Uv Projections

3. In Projection settings select the Projection type that works best for your shape.

Tip: How to edit the color of the PBR wood material

Please note that only wood marked as “Wood editable” can be re-colored 

  1. Select an object with the material
  2. In Color settings on the right panel change the color of the material


Are these PBR wood materials for free?

Anyone can use Vectary Materials for free. You can even preview the material with Vectary Photon photorealistic rendering and download the rendered image.