Vectary collections: Creators wanted

Vectary 3.0 introduced a major change in the Library - collections. This is a place where we’d like to promote you - our amazing Vectary creators. We’d like to invite you to collaborate with us and create your own inspiring collection for the Vectary community.

Submit a collection

What are Vectary collections?

Vectary collections are curated sets of assets, materials, and environments that already complement each other and have been designed in the same style. Anyone can just drag and drop the assets on the scene and therefore create an entirely new visual in the style of the collection.


What can be created as a Vectary collection?

Anything. Just think about them from your point of view - what would you as a designer appreciate in Vectary?

Here are just a few ideas: Set of landscapes for game designers, various package design assets and materials for product designers, various device mockups for app designers, custom made 3D fonts for illustrators, set for a 3D poster for graphic designers, furniture set for architects... the possibilities are unlimited. We’d love to embrace you to share your own unique style.


Why should I contribute?

Having your own Vectary collection is a great way of making your work visible and contribute to our 3D community. Here are other benefits:

  • The collection will be a permanent part of our editor (500K+ users and growing). Your name or brand name will be mentioned directly in the collection image. 
  • A backlink to your portfolio/agency site or social media channels 
  • Mentions on Vectary social media channels 
  • Newsletter (120k+ subscribers and growing) 
  • A blog about your collection

Is it compensated?

Yes, we’d be happy to compensate you for your extraordinary work. 

What will be required for the collection?

  • Name of your collection and a short description of the style
  • 30+ assets: OBJ files with mapped textures and also include MTL file.
    If you created custom textures, please include them as PNG or JPEG files. All assets and textures should be named for ease of search.
  • 1 rendered scene: PNG file in 4K resolution, 16:9. Rendered in your preferred rendering software

Screengrab video of the modeling process in Vectary
Shoot the modeling process of one of the assets. Please deliver as MP4 file in HD resolution.

How can you apply?

Please fill up this form and provide at least one rendered scene that represents the collection you’d like to submit to Vectary.

I applied what next?

Great, if we like your application you will be contacted in the next 14 days by the Vectary team.

Good luck! 👍