Keep student engagement high with 3D classes


Traveling 250 miles for a chance to learn 3D with Vectary? For this educator’s students, the passion for 3D is limitless and keeps them engaged in class.

Created in Vectary 1.0.

Hardik Prajapati is a design teacher and community manager at VURO, the first 3D printing service in Surat and India. Developed as a virtual place where designers and buyers can get together to create and buy innovative work, this online community’s mission is to “provide the easiest way to bring 3D designs to life by offering 3D printing services at an affordable price”.

Besides 3D printing, Hardik is involved in teaching — free of charge — 3D design to students all over India using the free, online 3D content creation tool, Vectary. Many of them are coming from 250 miles away only to learn Vectary, which tells a lot about these students’ passion and dedication.

Smartphone cover created in Vectary using the Noun Project and Google Fonts plugins:


“I have trained more than 400 students from Surat in Vectary. We also make videos and teach live Vectary classes. I can not put all into words how much students love to create new things in Vectary in my class.”

Some of Hardik’s students, like Jagrut Kaptan and Enish Pastagia, even had their design works featured on Vectary.  

Jagrut Kaptan’s “Alpha Vase“ 3D model created in Vectary 1.0
“Acute Edged Vase” — a 3D model created in Vectary 1.0 by Enish Pastagia

Even though Hardik faces the difficult task of being involved in re-coding, printing and pretty much all of the aspects of his business, he is still finding time to share his knowledge on 3D design, having done all the Level 1 Training and now planning for his Level 2 lessons.

He has established connections with more than 30 universities in Gujarat and plans to do two seminars this month, preparing for an audience of more than 100 students. His target for 2018? Train 6000 students to design 3D printable objects with Vectary. He would also like to start teaching online in the near future for an even larger reach.

This is just one of the 3D printers Hardik and his students use to print their Vectary projects:


It’s not just about 3D modeling and printing. These beautiful earrings and dream catcher pendant also involved artisanal work:


In one of the class projects they had, students created keychains in Vectary using the free Noun Project plugin:


For his work in creating 3D modeling tutorials and for being a pioneer in implementing 3D in class, we have awarded Hardik with the Vectary Educator certificate. Go ahead and follow Hardik’s work on YouTube and Instagram.

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