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While the debate about empowering students and changing the curricula to one that’s more appropriate to the 21st century is still ongoing, more than 1000 teachers in hundreds of schools around the world have already started using 3D modeling and 3D priting to capture their students’ interest and curiosity in class.

Whether you’re teaching Math, History or Science, you can make a simple lesson a memorable voyage and experience by using the power of 3D to help students understand and remember class topics better.


These educators are realizing the importance of teaching kids valuable skills that they can use later on in life and are allowing them to express themselves through the lessons and tasks they have to do.

Here are some of educator's stories using Vectary 1.0:

Joey Uddon, Australia

Joey Uddon is a Maths and IT professor at the O’Loughlin Catholic College in Darwin, Australia and this is what he had to say about our browser-based 3D modeling tool:

I have dedicated five weeks to 3D modeling in my online course and so far most students who have used Vectary find it in their words ‘awesome’. I personally like the simplicity and the ‘Publish’ online option so that students are able to comment or customize other projects.


Even his younger students are using Vectary to create all sorts of 3D models, with the best ones being printed out as a reward. For his Year 9 group, Joey says they have to research and design a bridge.

“In the Northern Territory we have a notorious river which has crocodiles and people foolishly cross it. Year 9’s are working in Vectary to build their Bridge as part of their assignments.”


David Carter, United States

David Carter from the Milpitas High School (the Milpitas Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area) is another great example of the education leaders we are collaborating with. He managed to start a tech class with just a few scrapyard computers and had more than 92 students signing up.

Vectary is our main tool, as it is so much more powerful than Tinkercad, and more accessible than Blender. Fantastic tool. Kudos.


David is teaching three 12th grade Economics classes having 25–30 students in each class. Here he runs his own program where students design and/or patent 3D printable things and learn how to prototype and market them.

He has found a way to raise funds by selling these designs on campus and investing into hardware and workspaces for his students. The funds are used to buy more refurbished Chromebooks.

This is enough to run Vectary on and to create new designs that can be sold again. It helps students not only to enhance their design skills, but to also get a real life experience on the value of their work.

He also came up with a catchy idea to make his geography class both practical and fun, teaching his 9th grade students to CAD and 3D print their “adopted” volcanoes.


Vectary can do everything I need from Blender. It eliminates the need for Tinkercad, which is of course only an object manipulator, not the full-fledged editor Vectary is. Plus, Vectary is indeed easier to use than Blender, and runs on a Chromebook quite well. It allows import of .svg, as well as smoothing and repairing of imported 3D models.

David is also applying Vectary to his classes to “Bio-CAD” mockup human body replacement prints for medical purposes. In an upcoming project, he plans to run all his students through the Create glasses Vectary tutorial.


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