3D printer in the classroom: Elementary school tips

Tips from real teachers

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With 3D printers becoming more affordable, there are many schools that now own such technologies, and are aware of the huge impact this can have on their curricula. The younger the students, the easier it is to advance new ideas and programs, which makes both public and private grade schools the perfect places to introduce them. Elementary school students in New Zealand are having fun using their 3D printer already!

One of these schools is the Lyttelton Primary School in Lyttelton, New Zealand, where one of its teachers, Danielle Lane decided to pick up 3D modeling and printing as a school project for a group of students. Self taught in 3D modeling herself, she was learning alongside her students, going through our tutorials and finding Vectary “very user friendly”.

"My team of children have been creating models of insects. We are wanting to make a series of key chains to sell at our school market day, especially using the school logo which is te wheke (octopus)."

The school's logo is te wheke (octopus)

Danielle was also one of the very first teachers who discovered Vectary and made contact with us. We provided her with a quick solution to her task and created a short step-by-step tutorial so she could easily do custom designs with just one guide.

Te wheke (octopus) keychain created in Vectary 1.0

Tutorial: Keychain with school logo

Here’s the quick “Keychain with logo” tutorial:

  1. Import your vector “logo.svg” into Vectary (you can use drag and drop). This will automatically convert it into a 3D logo.
  2. Create a simple base for the logo.
  3. Place the 3D logo on top of it.
  4. Make a hole into the base.
  5. Export everything as an .stl file.
  6. Print it.
Finished product!

Ideas for 3D printer projects for Elementary schools

  • Make a stamp with the logo of your school
  • Make a stamp or a keychain with free icons
  • Use Noun Project plugin
  • Add 3D text to your design

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Share with us your success stories as an educator at teams@vectary.com. Tell us what you are doing or what you need so we can help you set up your 3D class.