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Dear Educators,

We intend to keep VECTARY for Education free. With the introduction of new account subscriptions for advanced users, we had to limit some features in the FREE plan. We are working on a special Vectary Education plan based on the feedback we have received from you recently. Feel free to write us at about your experience with Vectary and what features you are using the most or which you are missing. 

Soon we will add a form where you can apply for free access to premium Education features, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, enjoy the free version of Vectary where most of the features will be more than enough to design almost anything your students can imagine. 

Vectary Education plan for teachers 

We recommend that you create a FREE account and subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media. Once the Education subscription plans are out, go ahead and apply for your free Educator account. You will get premium features and tips on how to set up your class and manage project sharing with your students.

Vectary Education plan for students

Most of the features every student needs are already included in the FREE plan. Create a free account and subscribe to our newsletter so you get all the information and tips first hand. 

For more information and inspiration, visit our Education page where you will find case studies and interesting articles on how to use Vectary in schools or at workshops. 

If you have used Vectary before and need help with your old projects, write us at

Happy designing!