You don’t need a ton of resources for a great class



Teach interesting things to your students even with limited classroom resources. This teacher had an original idea to use Vectary to turn leavings from older class projects into cool, practical items.

Colin Pattison teaches Science for all the grade 7 and 8 classes at the Indian Creek Road Public School in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. He’s been doing design work with his students for years and uses many different programs in his classes, including Sketchup, OnShape, Fusion 360, and now Vectary.

His school already has three teachers and over 120 students using Vectary: “Currently, we’re using your program to 3D print working models of functional skipping ropes that integrate a bearing and attachment mechanism into the handle. I want to make Vectary a core component of my classroom programming.”

Not only did Colin make Vectary a regular tool for his design classes, but he’s also planning to teach his intermediate students how to design, print and sell their 3D models as holiday or class fundraisers.


For one of his students, Dylan, Vectary has become more than just a design tool that he has to use in class and study about. He fell in love with Vectary and soon started creating his own 3D tutorials on YouTube. He made his first video tutorial right on his first day of learning the tool basics.

Dylan is also using his breaks now to mentor students from other classes and help them with troubleshooting various problems, which got him lots of positive support from both colleagues and teachers.

Colin contacted us and shared his story by email. We did not hesitate and set up a video call with him. What was planned to be a short introductory call, ended up as a really fruitful conversation. 

He is a really inspirational teacher who decided to use a box full of bearings — leftovers from the fidget spinner craze — and turn them into something practical with the Vectary 3D modeling tool and his 3D printer. This proves once again that having a great idea and access to an online 3D tool like Vectary can make up for the lack of classroom resources and still involve and interest students in class projects.

We gave him custom tips and tricks while screen sharing and doing a spontaneous live 3D modeling session for his new “skipping ropes” project. We’ve both learned a lot from each other and hope to hear back from the Indian Creek Public School soon.

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