How to create 3D text online

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Design 3D typography in a heartbeat

Give life to letters! Create beautiful 3D font for your art, game, brand, logo or poster. Whatever you need, with VECTARY you can easily make it happen. 

Use the 3D text add-on and choose from a list of over 900 integrated Google Fonts. Customize them with 3D modeling tools and adjustable materials from the library.

How to create 3D text

  1. Open Vectary 3D editor.
  2. Click on the Object in the header and select “3D font” (T icon) from the toolbar. 
  3. Edit the 3D font in the properties panel on the right. 
  4. Add lights to the scene, change the environment, materials or add more objects from the library. 
  5. Adjust the view and press the render toggle to see it with lights and shadows
  6. Download your 3D typography scene as PNG in the “Render” tab in the header or export a 3D file in the “Export” tab. 
  7. Share your design or invite team members on the “Dashboard” to give you feedback in the form of the 3D comment.

Tip: Change the text at any time during the creative process. When you convert it to geometry in the properties panel, the text can’t be rewritten. However, you can edit each of the letters separately in the “Edit” mode.

Tip2: Need a custom font? Import your text as an SVG file and convert it to 3D easily. Read more>

3D typography tutorials

Show your 3D text on your website and in augmented reality

Get your 3D text on the website as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Let your visitors see it in augmented reality too! Read more >

Example: Open this website on iPhone with Safari or Android with Chrome and tap on the AR badge on the 3D viewer below:

Tutorial: How we made this 3D typography:

Easily create 3D text with our 3D templates 

Start with one of our theme templates. Add your own text, replace or change the objects, textures or view with our powerful 3D editor. 

Choose from hundreds of 3D fonts

VECTARY is the first online 3D tool to implement more than 900 fonts from the Google Fonts library. Pick the 3D font that best suits your design and instantly turn it into 3D with the 3D text tool. Personalize and edit the 3D letters with a few clicks.


Get your message across with creative 3D font design

Writing good text is only half of the work. Use typography to enhance and complement your copywriting so that it leads to more conversions. Play with colors, size, style or placement to make your 3D text easy to understand and trigger all the right emotions.


Collaborate on your 3D text project with colleagues and clients

Bring more minds together! Share your design with your teammates so that more of you can work on it: some can adjust the font, while others can give feedback with 3D comments. The Vectary free 3D text maker supports creative teamwork!

Collaboration on a shared project in VECTARY

Create incredible 3D typography renders, online

VECTARY offers a powerful real-time rendering tool that allows you to create 3D typography from scratch into an impressive 3D graphic design even if you’re not a professional graphic designer.

Finish your 3D design in the software you prefer

Export your 3D typography design as a PNG file and continue to work on it in whatever tools you want. Use Canva, Illustrator and Photoshop for image manipulation and design templates. Once you’re done, show off your stunning work on Behance, Dribbble or Instagram to get noticed.

Spooky typography (before)
Spooky typography (after)

Share your 3D text as a Facebook 3D photo

Export your 3D typography as Facebook 3D photo and drag and drop it to a new Facebook post. Facebook gives your design an attractive parallax effect. It works on Facebook pages, too!

How do I download VECTARY to create 3D font?

The VECTARY 3D text creator is online so you don’t need to download anything. It runs in every modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Just click the Start Creating button or begin with one of our templates. After you register and confirm your email and password, you can start creating immediately.

How much does it cost to create 3D design in VECTARY?

3D text creation and editing is part of the free plan. Export of the 2D and 3D file is part of the paid plan.

How can I download my 3D design?

You can download your 3D design as a JPG file or PNG file with transparent background or choose from a variety of 3D formats: STL, OBJ, GLTF, DAE, Facebook 3D photo and FBX. In the header menu click “Export” to export a 3D file. To export a 2D file go to “Render” tab.