4 ways to create a snowflake Christmas bauble

If it didn’t snow yet in your neighborhood, how about making your own snowflakes? All you need is a computer running our free 3D modeling tool Vectary in the browser and a 3D printer. And if you don’t own one, try our Shapeways plugin and order a 3D print of your model right from our editor.

If you’re new to Vectary, we have lots of how-to guides and video tutorials to help turn you into a 3D pro in no time. We also have an interactive Help Center in the editor so that you can learn as you 3D model and get up to speed.

Hands to Heaven Ornament by Peter Bock created with VECTARY 1.0

We have put together for you four different ways to design a snowflake in Vectary. They’re all very easy to replicate — go ahead and try them out:

The Noun Project plugin

This is probably the easiest and fastest way for you to create a 3D snowflake. All you have to do is search for the shape that you like using our Noun Project plugin and send it to a 3D printer with one click.

Snowflake generator

It was actually one of our users, Peter, and his “Hands to Heaven Ornament ” 3D model that gave us this great idea. Just go to this snowflake generator, create a shape and save it as SVG. Import the file to Vectary and start customizing it, or print it as it is.

Watch Vectary 1.0 video:

Local gizmo/extrude

How about 3D modeling something from scratch? Draw a cylinder and, with the local gizmo activated, extrude its six faces to create a star shape. Let your imagination go free from there and design the snowflake branches any way you like. Find out more about how to use the gizmo in Vectary.

Watch Vectary 1.0 video:

The Array plugin

This one is slightly more complicated. Not. ;) Simply draw the outline of a snowflake branch and make copies of it using our Array plugin. 

Watch Vectary 1.0 video:

Design your own Christmas deco and win a $3,600 3D printer

Join our “Xmas Decorations” design contest with MyMiniFactory and Santa might come early for you this year. Our main prize is an M-Jewelry 3D printer from MakeX worth $3,600.

The two runners up will each receive a pre-order for MakeX’s upcoming brand new MIGO desktop machine, and many other surprises are up for the grabs.

To enter the competition:

  1. Create a Christmas decor with Vectary.
  2. Use the MyMiniFactory Exporter plugin to publish your 3D model on MyMiniFactory.
  3. Publish your project on Vectary, too!

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 3D templates and tutorials for DIY Xmas decorations and get creative.