5 stylish DIY Halloween props you can make at home

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Halloween? Some get all excited about wearing that creepy costume they’ve been preparing the whole year, others about decorating their house to ward off curious trick-or-treaters. Whatever your reason may be, Halloween is a great time to put your creativity and imagination to good use and stand out from the spooky pack.

If you’re on the lookout for some last minute, original Halloween ideas, we’ve created five 3D models that you can use as props for your costume and as decorations for your home. Half cute, half scary, they are elegant enough to make you use them or keep on display all year long.


And if you’re worried that you never 3D modeled before, fear no more. With VECTARY it’s free and easy to get started: all you need to do is sign up and start customizing our model templates. We also have lots of how-to-guidesand video tutorials to get you into 3D modeling in no time.

No 3D model is complete until it’s on your desk, so if you want to 3D print them and don’t own a 3D printer yet, no problem. 3D print any VECTARY model right from the editor using our Shapeways plugin and have the item delivered to your house in just a few days.

Ghost decoration

No Halloween is ever complete without a proper ghost decoration . Trick out your home with this cute DIY ornament, perfect for window sills, shelves or to hang around the house.

Ghost decoration by VECTARY

See our video tutorial in Vectary 1.0 on how to create one:

Mask template

Use this template as a base for your Halloween mask and customize it however you like: add some devilish horns, a witch’s nose or creepy-looking ears for that extra scary effect. We took our inspiration from unicorns and VECTARY’s purple-ish colors. You can check the step-by-step guide we made for our tutorial series with Shapeways.

Mask template by VECTARY

Vampire coffin candy box

You can’t just put your candy in an ordinary box. Not on Halloween night. This vampire coffin makes a good resting place for all the treats you plan on giving away and will make kids think twice before helping themselves.

Vampire coffin candy box by VECTARY

Pumpkin pendant

You can use the pumpkin model as a necklace pendant, keychain, earring or bracelet accessory, making it a perfect Halloween gift for your loved one.

Pumpkin pendant by VECTARY

Halloween decorations set

If your Halloween pumpkins don’t look scary enough yet, try adding vampire teeth, horns, eyeballs or bat wings from our decorations set. Customize the parts that you like or the whole set and never have a common-looking pumpkin again. Check out Vectary 1.0 video tutorial on Halloween decorations here:

Which design fits your home decor or costume better? Get creative and customize your favorite model in VECTARY today!