5 super easy-to-make egg decorations you can 3D model at home

Easter is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for any last-minute decoration ideas, we created a few 3D egg patterns to ease your inspiration search. If you are a fan of minimal geometry structures in interior, these Easter basket decorations created with VECTARY are a must-have!


VECTARY Eggshibition:

1. Easter egg with Voronoi structure


Just a little play with the point and edge bevel, extrude and smoothing is all it takes to bring this originally-structured decoration to life.

Watch the Vectary 1.0 tutorial:

2. Easter egg with net pattern


Same principle as the previous one, but thanks to a little twirl, it gets a completely different look. The Rotate tool does all the trick.

Watch and learn how to make it with Vectary 1.0:

3. Easter egg with vertical twirl


Simple edge and face bevel, extrude, rotate and transformations can be used to obtain many shape variations.

Watch the 3D modeling process in Vectary 1.0:

4. Lowpoly Easter egg


Lowpoly design is very easy to do, yet it can lead to some of the most aesthetic Easter egg variations.

Watch the 3D modeling tutorial created in Vectary 1.0:

5. Easter egg with fish ribbon pattern


This is a good example of how the negative space can be more powerful than the pattern itself.

Watch the how to video in Vectary 1.0:

It all started with an egg :)

All of the 3D models were created in VECTARY with the simple use of our Bevel tool or by applying the Array and Mirroring plugins.

You can use the base egg 3D model as a template for your Easter creations and let your imagination run wild. Just go to VECTARY, click Customize and start creating. It’s that easy! :)

Egg template — a free 3D model you can customize in VECTARY

Looking for more original ideas? You can also create egg stands and helmets to give a personal touch to your Easter egg basket: