3D design collaboration tools: The beginner's guide

Start collaborating online

It's like Google Docs for 3D design!

Collaborate and work effectively as a team. With the online 3D design collaboration tool Vectary you can create amazing 3D designs together with your teammates, all in real time, from anywhere in the world. Give or get instant feedback on a 3D design - it’s anything design teams could ask for in a 3D tool! 

What does online collaboration mean in VECTARY?

Invite your team into the design process and start working together on stunning 3D visuals, mockups, product designs, game designs and more.  

VECTARY's key collaboration features:

Real-time collaborative 3D modeling

It's like sharing one design canvas with your colleagues. You can see what they are working on in real time as if they were sitting next to you. Invitation to the project is as simple as sharing a link.


Get 3D comments from colleagues and clients

Your design is in the 3D space and so should be the comments. Forget about commenting on 2D visuals through PDF docs. In Vectary you can put a comment on any point, line, face or shape so the designer knows exactly what you mean. 

Add comments to any object, face, line or point

Simplify project management and design sharing

Everything is saved in the cloud on your Vectary account. No more looking for that saved 3D file you've just created. Share your 3D design with your colleagues for them to view or customize it.

invite to vectary collaboration
Invite your colleagues and friends

Help your team learn from one another

Imagine you have a junior designer on your team. There's no better way to grow 3D skills than to work on the same project with a senior colleague. And it goes both ways, too! Senior designers have tools for better and faster feedback and onboarding of new colleagues.

How to use the online design collaboration tool Vectary

  1. Go to Vectary.com and create an account.
  2. Create a new project - you can start from scratch or use one of our 3D templates.
  3. Invite your teammate or client - just click the "+" Invite icon.
  4. Create together and add 3D comments - just click the comment icon.
  5. Save your design safely on Vectary or export your final design as PNG or as 3D files like OBJ, STL, DAU, glTF, GLB and continue working in other software.
  6. Share your design with anyone for them to view or customize it.

The best online design collaboration tools:

  1. Vectary - the first online mesh 3D tool with real-time collaboration and 3D comments
  2. Figma - the real-time collaborative interface design tool
  3. Invision - Digital product design and collaboration tools
  4. Canva - ea sily sharing designs with team
  5. Coggle - cre ate mind maps real-time as a team


How can I start collaborating?

Register on Vectary. Create a new project and invite your colleagues.

How much does it cost?

Creating 3D designs in Vectary is free. However, to benefit from the team collaboration feature you'll need a budget-friendly Premium account. Read more about our plans and pricing.

How many people can I invite?

Up to 3 team members collaborating in real time on a project is optimum and recommended for Vectary to run smoothly.

Is it possible to use Vectary for school team projects?

Yes, of course. Vectary collaboration is a great STEM tool for teachers and students. Schools can use Vectary collaboration tools for free. Learn more about our plans and pricing