Christmas hack: How to make a DIY snow globe

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Snow globes are some of the most beautiful decorations you can have, not just for Christmas, but for the whole year round. Whether you’re giving them away as presents or use them to decorate your house, you can be sure they will appeal to everyone.

How to make a recycled DIY snow globe for Christmas:

1. Get an empty recycled glass jar with a screw-on lid.

2. Fill it with water, glycerin and glitter or fake snow.

3. Glue your landscape to the lid.

4. Screw the lid really tight and seal with extra glue. 

We went for the glitter option

At Vectary we like to be original, so we created our own snow globe using a Nutella jar, a 3D printed landscape model we made in our free 3D software and a few other accessories. It is a very simple idea that you can easily put into practice with just a few household items and a computer running Vectary.

Here’s the list of the things you need:

  • a computer and internet connection
  • Vectary — the free, online 3D content creation tool
  • a Nutella jar (or another glass jar)
  • glitter
  • glycerol
  • a glue gun (or superglue)
  • a winter wreath
  • a set of string lights
  • a Christmas mood (optional)

Create the globe’s inner landscape:

1. Go to Vectary and download this low poly landscape 3D model template. To do so, click Customize and then Export 3D model.

2. Print the model out. If you don’t own a 3D printer, simply use our Shapeways plugin right from the editor and order a 3D print with one click.

If you’d like to use something else as a landscape, feel free to get creative in Vectary and design your own. You can also have a look at our Explore page and search for inspiration there.

To find out more about how this low poly landscape was created, check out the recap of our live stream tutorial, created in Vectary 1.0:

Assemble the globe:

3. Get an empty jar and fill it with water. We used a 600ml Nutella jar for our snow globe.


4. Add a teaspoon of glycerol (glycerin) and a dash of glitter. The glycerol will make the glitter float better.


5. Glue the 3D printed landscape to the jar lid. You can spread the glue more easily and evenly if you use a glue gun. It will also seal it better but some superglue will do, too. Lock the lid properly into place and seal it with more glue to prevent any leaks.


Add some accessories:

You can set up a scene around the jar to make it look more elegant and Christmassy. We used a winter wreath and decorated it with a set of string lights so it covers the lid, but you can create your own scene if you want. Possibilities are endless.

And you’re done! Just shake well the jar, turn it upside down and let it snow.

DIY recycled snow globe with a 3D-printed landscape

All the steps in one image. Feel free to share this infographic: