Design like a pro with Vectary templates

Vectary templates are ready-made projects that you can use to create your designs. Think of them as 3D mockups, where you can change and adjust everything - from objects, materials, and view.

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With Vectary templates, you don’t have to worry about correct lighting and scene settings. Whether you are a UI designer and you’d like to present a new app design in 3D and AR; a graphic designer looking for a unique branding visual, or you are just beginning with 3D - templates are a good starting point to get great results instantly.

How to use Vectary templates

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. The list of templates is located at the top. Some of them are free. Some are included in the Premium plan.
  3. Click on the template you like to open a project. The project will be automatically saved as your draft project.
  4. In Object List on the left, there is a list of objects, lights, and tools included in the scene. You can edit them or replace them with your imports, 3D creations or objects from the library.
  5. Click on Render toggle to preview the rendered scene.
  6. Download a png in the Render tab, or export your project as a 3D file in the Export tab. Embed it into your website as an interactive 3D/AR element as well - go to the Viewer tab and generate the embed code, which you can then place to your website as easy as Youtube video.

Templates Examples

branding-vectary-business cards.jpg