How to create awesome Facebook 3D posts

VECTARY is the online and free glTF native app to enable people to create 3D models for Facebook 3D posts.

Note: Facebook currently does not support 3D posts anymore, but Facebook 3D photos are still supported. You can check out our tutorial here.


With Facebook recently announcing rolling out support for 3D content, you’re about to see more and more 3D posts popping up in your News Feed. You can now drag and drop 3D objects into a new post, or take 3D posts and bring them into Facebook Spaces, the social VR hangout rooms.

How to create a Facebook 3D post

To create a 3D post, you need a .glb file because this is the supported file format by Facebook. Every model you create in VECTARY can be exported as a .glb file. 

VECTARY has a .glb file exporter so you can also upload your .obj or .stl files and convert them to .glb format.

Watch the How to create 3D Facebooks post with Vectary 1.0 video:

  1. Open VECTARY.
  2. Create a 3D object — watch our tutorials to get you started with 3D modeling.
  3. Click Export as .glb. (Note: If you want your 3D post low poly choose GLB Low poly) Watch the instruction, where to find exporting in Vectary:
How to export .glb file in Vectary

4. Drag the file to a new Facebook post or to your Facebook page’s feed. Make sure the .glb file is less than 3MB.

5. Add your post update and hit Publish. This works on Facebook pages, too!

I have a glTF / .obj/ .stl file… How do I publish it on Facebook?

First, you need to convert your .obj, .stl or glTF file to .glb. VECTARY has a built-in .glb file converter very easy to use:

  1. Open VECTARY
  2. Upload your model.
  3. Click Export as .glb. (Watch instruction above)
  4. Post your 3D model on Facebook.

3D posts are a huge opportunity for brands and 3D designers

It’s high time you showed your product or art creatively as a 3D Facebook post! Here are some inspiring ideas for design projects that are easy to create with VECTARY:

1. Low poly objects

Low poly 3D shapes are ideal for sharing on Facebook. They not only look great, but have a size below 3MB.

2. 3D text

You can write anything you want in 3D. Use more than 800 fonts from the Google Fonts library directly in our 3D editor. Check our Google Fonts plugin.

3. 3D logos

Easily convert your logo to a Facebook post. Turn it into 3D in VECTARY. Just import an .svg file of your logo to Vectary and convert it to .glb, the Facebook supported file format.

4. Converting an .obj or .stl 3D file to a Facebook 3D post

Have you created an awesome 3D model that you’d like to share on Facebook? Import it to VECTARY and export it as a .glb file.

5. 3D mockups

Showcase your app design in device mockups. Move your UI into the 3D space.

What else you can use

Vectary has many features that will boost your Facebook 3D posts creation :

  • Drag and drop object 3D modeling
  • 3D mockups  — devices with your own app design
  • Textures and creative templates to play with
  • Collaborative team 3D modeling

Excited about 3D posts on Facebook? Create your first 3D post with VECTARY:

Updated, February 26th 2019: We updated our subscription plans and some features might not be a part of Free plan anymore. For more information check out pricing page.