How to create Facebook 3D photos with Vectary

Turn your renders into Facebook 3D photos

Create 3D renders for Facebook

What are Facebook 3D photos

Facebook 3D photos bring 2D scenes to life with depth and movement, when you scroll the news feed on Facebook. This functionality introduces depth to a static, flat image and allows users to tilt the image with a parallax effect.  

This Facebook feature has initially been available on phones with a dual camera only. Now anyone can upload their Vectary 3D scenes as Facebook 3D photos on the desktop as well.

Do you have a compelling message to say? Or would you like to present a new product? Sharing it as an eye-catching Facebook 3D photo will make you stand out from the crowd.

FB 3Dphoto optimized gif

How the Facebook 3D photos feature works

Since there are no camera lenses involved, Vectary generates a true depth map from the objects arranged on the 3D scene. Based on the relations of the objects to each other in the 3D space, a similar depth map is generated.

How to create a Facebook 3D photo with Vectary  

  1. Open your 3D scene in Make adjustments (if needed) and set the viewing angle that you like.
  2. Choose one of the presets for landscape or portrait mode, or set a custom resolution. We suggest you stick with the presets for the best results. These options can be found above the Download 3D Photo button
  3. Press the Download 3D Photo (ZIP) button
  4. Unzip the file
  5. Select both files (image.png & image_depth.png)
  6. Drag and drop them into Facebook’s Create a Post input field
Exporting a Facebook 3D photo

Use over 900 fonts to add 3D typography to your scenes

Vectary integrated the entire Google 3D fonts library. Adding a 3D text to your visual is quick and easy.

Work with millions of assets in the library

Create your 3D visuals from scratch or use the pre-designed assets in the library. From 3D objects to materials, Vectary covers all your design needs.

Exporting Facebook 3D photos is part of Vectary Lite plan