How to make awesome YouTube tutorials (+ contest info)

Videos are popular for several reasons. They’re fun, inspiring, but most importantly, when presented well, they’re also quite educational. Just ask yourself, how many of you are watching your favorite content creators on YouTube or other social video channels?

You can find video content pretty much everywhere these days. The ways to create engaging videos are many, yet it’s always the craft and creativity that separates a decent video from a great one. Here are a few tips that can help you create a solid educational video tutorial:


1. Choose a screen recording tool

These free screen recording tools can do the work for you:

OBS Studio

The widely popular OBS Studio is among the best free video screen recording and live streaming tools available for all platforms — Windows, Mac, Linux. It is mainly used for gaming streamers as the OBS functionality allows you to capture specific screen-based inputs with the option to add a webcam. 

QuickTime (built-in Mac)

For those of you who own a Mac there's no need to download any extra software for screen recording. Apple's native app QuickTime offers a one-click recording experience. Simply open QuickTime, start recording your screen and you're good to go in a blink of an eye.

OBS Studio

2. Give it a good music

Never forget you should have rights for the music you use. You may find these audio libraries handy:

YouTube Audio Library

It’s a royalty-free music library where you can search based on genre, mood, instrument or length. Give it a go and try out different songs for your project.

Twitch Audio Library

If you're looking for more specific collections of a certain genre, you can also use the Twitch Audio Library. Featured playlists can give you a perfect overview on what's trending right now. Take advantage of it while it's still popular.

3. Make it authentic

Produce stuff that you like creating and that others might like too. Add your special mark to it. They way you present the video should reflect your personality and who you are. Do you enjoy character design? Stick with it and do something that no one else did before you.

4. Make it understandable for viewers

Commented videos are always better for viewers, but even simple annotations or in-video text can work, so try and use them as much as you can.

5. Edit the video

Simple and quick edits can make the video 100% better. Here are some free editing tools that we like:OpenShot

Powerful and easy to learn, this free video editor is available for all operating systems, just like the OBS Studio mentioned above. With a simple user interface and more than 70 language mutations, it is an easy choice for anyone who is new to video editing.

iMovie (built-in Mac)

If you're a Mac user, you already have QuickTime for screen recording, so the next step would be to import your videos into iMovie and simply edit and trim them there. iMovie is a native Apple app, very intuitive to learn just as with any other macOS features. We are certain you will quickly get into it once you start editing your video project.


6. Better longer than faster

The more view time, the better - that defines your video ranking on YouTube or Twitch. And we learned our lesson, too. Very fast videos are hard to follow, so keep in mind that your viewers want to understand everything you show them.

7. Give your videos the right naming, description and tags

These are important elements that decide how your video will perform on YouTube so don't underestimate them! To read it, the platform needs to know what your video is about, and for that it is essential you have added all the right meta data. YouTube cannot search the content within your video for keywords so you have to add them yourself.Use clever keywords and include them in your video title, preferably at the very beginning of it, as well as in the tags, description and subtitles. This way you’ll rank higher in the search for that chosen keyword. The YouTube Keyword Tool can also help you find what words people are using when searching content on YouTube.

BONUS tip:

If you already have some experience with screen recording, the fastest way to create an appealing video is to start a live stream on YouTube or Twitch. Once your streaming is over, you can export (download) the created live video and edit it in the tools mentioned above. Or you can leave it as it is without any edits. To see how such videos look like, you can watch our Live Streaming playlist on YouTube.

Win an AVerMedia pro screen recorder in our design contest

We partnered up with MyMiniFactory for a special Xmas challenge where we encourage people to record their own videos of creating cool and awesome 3D models using VECTARY.


To enter the competition:

1. Make an entertaining video tutorial for your creation process within the VECTARY 3D editor.

2. Upload it to your YouTube channel/account using the word “Vectary” in the video title.

3. Don’t forget to link your video in the project description on both Vectary and MyMiniFactory websites.

The winner of this Bonus Category will be chosen by a panel of judges from Vectary and will receive a Video Capture Kit. Furthermore, every participant gets 10 bonus slots for their private projects to their VECTARY account.

Ready to take up the challenge? Get inspired by our VECTARY users, videos were created in Vectary 1.0: