Making money with your 3D models just got easier

We started seeing more and more of you, our amazing users, create clever and unique 3D models, so we decided to offer you a simple, cost-free way to use your VECTARY designs commercially.


With a growing all-around interest in 3D, there are many companies out there willing to pay good money for high quality, original 3D designs, so the time has come for you to make some cash 3D modeling!

We recently launched the “Pay with a share” campaign to open up our tool and platform to more people and encourage them to start 3D modeling. The new campaign goes hand in hand with our philosophy and mission of democratizing 3D modeling and bringing it to the masses.

If you’re designing in VECTARY, you can now get commercial use for your own 3D models and then be able to sell your works to whoever is interested. All you need to do for that is recommend our 3D tool by simply sharing a Facebook post or a Tweet.


See here how it works (created in vectary 1.0):

There’s lots of ways to use your 3D models to make profit:

  • Sell your 3D printed products on platforms like Etsy, Shapeways or Sketchfab
  • Start a VR or AR project
  • Create a game or an app
  • Boost your 3D portfolio
  • Make design work for your clients
  • Pitch a project on Kickstarter and get funding
  • Make 3D logos

To have your creations stand out from the big amount of works online, try to be as authentic as you possibly can. Visualize your own emotions and thoughts in what you 3D model and don’t be afraid to walk your own path. Originality sells best.

Are you ready to take the next step and maximize your 3D modeling potential?