VECTARY guide: How to prepare a 3D model for 3D printing

3D designer and VECTARY user, Adrian, has some useful 3D printing tips to share.

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how to prepare a model for 3D printing

Properly preparing your 3D model for 3D printing can make the difference between a usable, functioning object and a broken one, or worse, not even being able to 3D print it. Here are some the most important things I believe you should check in VECTARY when exporting the file to the 3D printer’s software. 

1. Make sure that the mesh object does not intersect with itself

Created with Vectary 1.0

2. Use Boolean plugin to merge objects

If two different objects do intersect, you have to “boolean” them with the Boolean plugin. What Boolean does is join two or more layers (objects) into creating one which is based on the total geometry of all.

Created with Vectary 1.0

3. Wall thickness has to be at least 1,5 mm (depending on model)

Learn how to add thickness in our Mug video tutorial.

Created with Vectary 1.0

4. All gaps have to be closed

There should be no red lines in Wired mode. Use Cap open boundaries to close holes.

Created with Vectary 1.0

5. Rescale your model according to your project and the size of your 3D printer

Learn how to use Dimensions with VECTARY.

Created with Vectary 1.0

6. Use the Array plugin to copy your object on the scene if you need more copies printed

Read more about VECTARY Array plugin.


7. You can export your model as OBJ or STL

Both file formats are compatible with 3D printers. Learn how to export 3D models with VECTARY.

Created with Vectary 1.0


Check Explore gallery for 3D printing inspiration and free 3D printing files (non-commercial use only)

Let us know what you think of Adrian’s 3D printing checklist or if you’d like to add anything to it. What do you usually check before printing out your 3D model?

Coming soon: 3D printing files checker

New tool to help you fix any 3D printability issues will be implemented soon — you will be able to check your model for 3D printing directly in the VECTARY 3D editor. Stay tuned.