15 printable 3D Christmas tree decorations of 2017

If you’re looking for beautiful, ready-to-3D print Christmas tree decorations, get inspired by designs submitted to our 3D Print Design competition with MyMiniFactory.

You can customise all of these designs in Vectary. Our free, online 3D content creation tool is easy to learn and use - just check out our video tutorials and become a 3D modeling pro in no time.

For those of you who have little time to spare — Christmas is just around the corner — and want to print a decoration right away, just download the 3D models below and send them straight to a printer.

List of Christmas decorations:

Twisted Star
Santa Claus
Low-poly Snowflake

Twisted Star by Ilmar
Ilmar has made a YouTube tutorial on how to make this twisted star.

Santa Claus by Michal
Simple and cute, this one won't take long to print.

Low-poly Snowflake by Ilmar
Another one of Ilmar's designs also comes with a YouTube tutorial.

Christmas Star
Triple Cub

Christmas Star by Luis
If you’re a geometry fan, you’ll appreciate the simple beauty of this bauble.

Tripple Cube by Ilmar
Learn how to make this triple cube in Vectary from this YouTube tutorial.

Stella by Genny 
This playful star prints really well — tested and proven.

Xmas ball
Snowflake no.1

Xmas ball by Lars
This kaleidoscopic ball looks very good in white but you can also apply a golden or silver foil from the DIY store and make it reflect light from its many surfaces.

Snowflake no.1 by Mixed Gears 
Simply beautiful snowflake for your Christmas tree.

exe5 by Mixed Gears
Download and print this fun bauble with star cutouts.

Snowflake no.2
Geometrical pendant
Poinsettia flower

Snowflake no.2 by Mixed Gears
Here’s a well balanced snowflake for your tree or windows. Customize it in Vectary and make it even simpler or more complex.

Geometrical pendant by Ilmar 
This geometrical pendant is surprisingly simple to create. Watch this YouTube tutorial and you’ll see how easy it is to start creating shapes like these in no time.

Poinsettia flower by Luis
This flower model was really easy to print on our Zortrax M200.

Belen star
Spiral tree

Belen star by Felipe
The star of Bethlehem, or Belen in Spanish, with Voronoi-style detailing can work as a bauble or you can customize it in Vectary and put it on top of your tree.

Spiral tree by Vladimir
This tiny elegant spiral tree will drive your cat crazy when it twirls. Cat owners should skip this one.

SVW-X by Wim
A bauble for the mathematically inclined, created from cubes atop cubes atop cubes…

3D printed tree with 3D printed baubles

Our tree with all the decorations! You can print out the tree as well ;)

Which one is your favorite? Give it a try and make one yourself!