15+ YouTubers you should follow if you want to learn more about 3D printing

Here are some YouTube gems we picked for you so you can go get all the 3D printing info you need.

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Believe it or not, YouTube is not just about beauty tutorials and “let’s play” videos. You can actually learn a lot about 3D printing if you find the right channels. Here are some YouTube gems we picked for you so you can go get all the 3D printing info you need.


We love Angus’s passion about 3D printing and prototyping, and his down-to-earth approach. Beside the useful information about 3D printing, he’s also sharing his 3D modeling tutorials and brings a lot of inspiration — something that every maker and hobbyist out there will appreciate.


Bill & Brittany’s main focus is creating awesome replica props and costumes from video games, TV shows, movies and more! Even if they are not fully focused on 3D printing, from time to time a 3D printing video appears and it’s a nice example that sometimes there might be better techniques to use other than 3D printing. Even if you might not really be into cosplay or similar stuff, it’s fascinating to watch their making process.


Aidan is a young and enthusiastic maker, and we think his channel deserves more audience. He’s focused on his own DIY projects combining soft robotics, 3D printing and electronics. The way he explains it, everything seems so easy to do :)


Thomas is very detailed in covering topics such as 3D printing and making. From useful tips on how to improve your 3D prints, to detailed guides and filament reviews, Thomas’s channel is a must-have subscription if you want to dive into 3D printing more deeply.


The 3D printing Nerd certainly has a lot of fun and enjoys 3D printing, and his channel is a great inspiration on what you can 3D print once you have a 3D printer. He supports firmly the idea of 3D printing technology being available to kids, something which is apparent in many of his videos.


Devin studied Design and Art and you can see his artistic approach in his videos as well. His intriguing mind always comes up with something interesting. We especially like his optical illusion videos, which are pretty popular on YouTube. He says that his goal is to provide educational content and inspire viewers to exercise their creativity. We can’t agree more.


Skateboards and 3D printing are Preston’s biggest passions and you can find both on his YouTube channel. Preston’s goal is to share the things he has learned and will learn, so that you can go and create your own awesome stuff.


Chuck has his own YouTube Show Filament Friday — he makes various 3D modeling tutorials or downloads interesting 3D models and shows how to print them on low-cost 3D printers.


Dustin is primarily focused on “budget” filaments and making 3D printers reviews. Great channel if you are trying to decide what 3D printer to buy. Don’t miss his regular live streaming 3D Printing Tonight every Wednesday.


Jwal from “Print that thing” is a funny and passionate guy, always coming up with hilarious making-of projects like the armor for his cat, Bobo. He also has a regular show TueNews Day where he shares everything he finds of interest from the world of 3D printing.


Joe a.k.a. 3D maker noob is inviting you to join him on his journey to discover the world of 3D printing. What’s great, he reviews 3D printers from a noob’s perspective, so you won’t feel overwhelmed with too much technical info.


There aren’t so many girls in the 3D printing world, so it’s always great to see YouTube channels like Abuzz Designs. She’s mixing 3D printing videos with various DIY projects, so you can learn about filaments, finishing of your 3D printed stuff, as well as lots of practical information. We hope Abuzz Design will get more attention because it’s definitely worth it.


Tony Dave is a hobbyist who can teach you a lot, not only about 3D printing but also finishing of the 3D prints. His area of expertise is airbrushing.


Naomi Wu is one of a kind. She’s a maker and web developer from Shenzhen, China. Local live videos are mixed with her own DIY projects where she showcases her skills in electronics, programming and 3D printing. Like this 3D-printed “Blinkini” LCD shutter top. Being smart is sexy :)


Simone is using 3D printing and 3D modeling to create original props. His channel mainly exhibits real 3D printed projects rather than detailed 3D printing technology reviews.


One of the most popular YouTube channels for makers right now is “I like to make stuff”. 3D printing is just one of the many DIY fields they’re covering, together with woodworking, metalworking, electronics and prop making. Bog claims he’s not an expert and what we see on camera is often his first time experience. It’s a great channel even if you are not particularly interested in 3D printing.


Barnacules is a former Senior Software Developer from Microsoft who’s been producing video content for over six years now. His videos are tons of fun, and he definitely wins the prize for the most awesome Man Cave ever built. In his projects you can find everything from 3D printing, software, hardware, nerd and geek culture, virtual reality (VR), simulations, robotics and much, much more.


James Bruton’s XRobots projects are mind blowing. He’s not only playing with 3D printing, but combining virtual, augmented reality, robotics and engineering. His electronics is mostly Arduino-based and you can feel his excitement and passion for making from each of his videos.

Youtuber-3DPrint -Tech-Design

Anton’s YouTube channel abounds in 3D printer and filament reviews, and pretty much anything else related to 3D. It’s definitely worth watching for every 3D printing enthusiast!


Perth is not taking 3D printing too seriously and thanks to that his videos are fun to watch even for non-professionals. 3D modeling tutorials combined with fun projects will get you easily hooked.

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