10 brands that use 3D design in their visual communication

If you work in an agency or do client work as a freelance designer, it's definitely helpful to know the trends. Broadening your skills with 3D design can benefit your expertise and career growth in many ways. Creative agencies and design studios are now looking more often for solutions with 3D visuals and try to experiment with them. Here are some examples we've picked to show you how you can use 3D design in branded work and bring a new approach to your projects:

Apple WWDC 2018 Event Invitation

This year's Apple annual event has seen complex 3D visuals throughout the developers keynote. The main invitation visual brought a monochromatic look to some very popular UI elements from their iOS mobile operating system. 

Audi Q-riosity

Audi is known for their pioneering approach to technology and devices. It comes as no surprise that they tried again something out of the ordinary to show off their most complex vehicles from the Q-line. 3D visuals coming in a variety of geometrical shapes, with the car being the eye-catcher in the image, perfectly explain it is meant to be driven on any kind of road. 

Adobe Photoshop's 25 Under 25

The first thing that comes to a designer's mind when you talk of a software is undoubtedly Adobe's Photoshop. Although it's mostly a software for editing static images and plain objects, it can be used for visualizing in the 3D space as well. You can try to get the same effect in Vectary using the 3D Assets library with 3D text. Add some lights, colors and voilà!

Nike Air Max Day

3D design is also great for a minimalistic approach. The space and depth can add so much more feeling and emotions to the visual, and you'll get your creative idea across in a more interesting way. Just like Nike did for their annual Air Max Day. 

Google typography & Mobile visuals

Sometimes, achieving great results quickly doesn't have to be rocket science. Google's poster visuals took advantage of both 3D text and some simple geometrical shapes. If you're looking for a way to make your app design or headline pop up, here are two nice examples.

YOOX: Make a Wish

In the world of e-commerce you have to stand out and walk your own path, whether it's web design or an online campaign. The online store YOOX created a Christmas campaign using yummy 3D art to express the kind of gifts you can find on their website. Be it web design, a banner or a poster, it looks great in any form. 

ESPN Tennis

Media is another industry where 3D is booming and becoming more and more popular in visual communication. You can create an intro to a specific program, channel or commercial breaks. But most importantly, they'll never look boring if you use 3D design.

Festival Centro

3D is not only for big brands and shops. Even local events like this music festival in Bogota can benefit from it. Festival posters look mostly the same, but if you add 3D text to the poster instead of a regular 2D font, things get instantly better.

HBO branding

As we've said before, design studios and branding studios experiment with 3D design quite often. The recipe for a great result is to understand the right combination of lights, shapes, reflections and shadows. We can help you get started with that by using one of our templates on the Dashboard. Move the objects around to understand the basics.

KASE Phone Cases

Last but not least, 3D design can be also seen in abstract art or product promotion. We've picked KASE who specialize in phone cases. They're really making sure their visuals stand out from the pack.

As you can see, 3D design is becoming very popular and has a wide range of applications. If you're still wondering where to start, here are some tips and tricks we recommend:

And if you're already familiar with 3D, sign up to our online 3D design tool - it's free, no credit card required. We can't wait to see what you'll create!