Decorating your home with unique 3D printed self-made designs is no longer a geek fantasy

There’s a certain feeling of excitement you experience when you get to actively take part in decorating your home, from avidly pinning ideas from Pinterest, to browsing page after page to find something unique that would not only reflect your style, but define the personality of your home for years to come.

You’ve probably heard about 3D printing by now, but somehow it still sounds half sci-fi in your mind, never actually thinking that you might use it to create your very own home decor.

Behold, after reading this article you will not only be able to create beautiful 3D printed design, but you’ll found out it’s much cheaper than buying a “designer’s piece” of some famous brand.

With the free 3D modeling tool VECTARY you don’t need years of studying design, just as with 3D printing services such as Shapeways you don’t need to own a 3D printer. All you need is enough passion to create something yourself.

Tools you need:

  • computer with an internet connection
  • mouse
  • free online 3D modeling tool VECTARY

3D printed bonsai tree with moose


Growing up your own bonsai requires years. 3D modeling your own with the help of a little moose can create a similar effect :)

Time spent 3D modeling in VECTARY: 20 minutes
Shapeways price: 15$; Material: Strong and flexible

3D printed lamp with beautiful shade


Home is all about atmosphere and “feel good” moments, and you can easily achieve that with the use of a lamp, a simple but efficient accessory.

Time spent 3D modeling in VECTARY: 5 minutes
Shapeways price: 70$; Material: Strong and flexible

Watch the how-to make video created in Vectary 1.0:

3D printed vase with perforation


Time spent 3D modeling: 5 minutes
Shapeways price: 60$; Material: Strong and flexible

Watch the Vectary 1.0 how-to make video:

What do you think, feeling inspired to create a 3D printed home accessory?