Meet Mr. Pumpkin Head - Fortnite inspired Halloween

Take it to the next level with augmented reality and add something special to your Halloween pictures.

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fortnite halloween inspiration costume augmented reality pumpkin head tomato skin

Looking to wow everyone with your Halloween pictures and videos this year? If you have an Apple device running iOS 12, you can add this augmented reality Mr Pumpkin Head sticker to your shots. Don't know how? Read on. 

Fortnite inspired Halloween 

We decided to create some Fortnite inspired AR content for you to add to your photos. Meet Mr. Pumpkin Head, inspired by Mr. Tomato Head, our favorite skin in Fortnite.  

How to add AR to your Halloween pictures

First, make sure you have an Apple device running iOS 12.

Open Vectary and get Mr. Pumpkin Head from our library.

  1. Download the USDZ file.
  2. Click the link you will get in your email.
  3. Open with AR Quick Look. 
  4. Place the AR object where you want it.
  5. Take pics! 
fortnite inspired halloween mr tomato head skin pumpkin augmented reality

Create fun Halloween pictures with augmented reality

Your imagination is the limit! Project objects into augmented reality to enhance your Halloween costume or just to have fun!
More ideas: Dressing up as Melanie Daniels from Alfred Hitchcock's cult classic "The Birds"? Create a flock of birds with Vectary and export them as USDZ. Get the link to the file and run it through the QR code generator. Print out the QR code and add it to the sleeve of your costume. Anyone with an iOS 12 Apple device can scan the code and view the birds above you and take pics! 

fortnite halloween inspired mr tomato head skin pumpkin augmented reality

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