Get inspired by the best: top 3D designers and studios you should know

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There’s no doubt that 3D design is becoming the thing right now. Encouraging interactivity and stimulating the eye after a long era of flat design, 3D is the weapon of choice for brands that want to stand out. 3D models of products are regularly utilized in advertising visuals, and lots of artists are starting to have a more playful approach to 3D modeling by using bold pastel and bright colors, gradients, geometric shapes and dreamy scapes. 

This visual style is appearing both online and offline in ad campaigns, brand identities or art direction. Superbrands like Nike, Apple and pioneering brands like WIX or Fenty Beauty are using 3D design in their visual communication to capitalize on the new trend.

Here are some of our favorite top 3D designers and studios whose work we find to be truly inspiring. 

Man vs. Machine

This London and LA-based design studio is top-notch. Their work for Nike earned them a Golden Lion at Cannes and inspired other brands to use 3D visuals in their campaigns. While their client work is technically impressive, it’s their fresh and dynamic visual style that speaks to us the most. 


Visual designer Vasjen Katro is the creative force behind Baugasm, a series of daily posters artfully blending abstract 3D and 2D shapes. He publishes the posters on Behance and Instagram, and experiments with gradient colors and quite often with amorphous shapes. If you’d like to learn how to create beautiful works like his, you can check out his Skillshare classes

Peter Tarka

Peter is a 3D design god whose carefully arranged 3D compositions are an absolute work of art. Check out his incredible client work for Audi, Airbnb, Adobe or Verizon. 

Ben Fearnley

Ben creates dynamic, bold compositions as well as inflated typography. Hailing from the UK, he is now based in New York where he works as a freelance designer and CGI artist, creating visuals for big names like Adidas, Nike, Apple, Red Bull or Sony, to name just a few.


We love to follow Prateek Vatash who is always dipping into contrasting visual styles and blending 2D and 3D. He gets inspired in his work from his interests in geometry, architecture, neon and vintage themes, video games and typography, always using vibrant color combinations for an eye-catching effect. 

Santi Zoraidez

Argentinian art director and designer Santi Zoraidez loves exploring colors, materials and lights in his captivating visuals. His work always creates a different mood or atmosphere and has a very modern and fresh feel to it. What makes him rather unique is the way he merges illustration with innovative digital effects. This has helped him move to the top and work for brands like Lexus, Bulgari, HBO, Ford and more.


Alexy Préfontaine is a young digital artist who got into visual art by creating artworks for his band’s covers. By focusing on different perspectives of the world we live in, he creates surreal sceneries that echo the early 80s and 90s GCI work.

I often like to evoke deeper emotions or feelings, and most importantly, a special atmosphere in both my music and my art. I always like to illustrate a specific feeling through the use of 3D generated human models. I believe they can convey effectively what I want to share with the viewer.

Chris Labrooy

Photorealistic everyday objects in mind-bending formations are the trademark of this Scotland based designer. He likes to subvert and twist familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. The results are stunning.

Velvet Spectrum

The Velvet Spectrum creative studio was founded by Australian visual artist Luke Choice. Focused a lot on visual storytelling, Luke specializes in typography and 3D illustrations. His visual creations are surreal, full of bright, vivid colors.

3D nonsense

If Salvador Dali had lived during the 3D design age, he would be pleased with Roman Bratschi’s work. To create his 3D designs, the Switzerland-based artist has nature as his primary source of inspiration, utilizing mostly patterns and organic shapes. 

My artworks have no meaning, they just should be pleasing for the eye.

Mike | Creative Mints

If you don’t know Mike, that means you haven’t been on Dribbble yet. Mike is the founder of Creative Mints and is famous for his unique style and app icon designs. He specializes in UI, branding, illustration, graphic design and games. It’s no surprise that brands like Adobe, Wix and Masterclass are interested in working with him.

Fran Rossi 

Fran Rossi is an art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is an expert at creating stunning 3D scenes. His main focus is 3D and CGI design for print advertising, web, branding and motion, and you can tell immediately that he’s a master of his craft when looking at his designs. Check him out on Dribbble, Behance or Instagram.  

Vectary is an online 3D design tool that empowers users to easily create and collaborate in 3D on visual art, graphic design, product design, game design, AR/VR projects, 3D printing, or just for fun. It features built-in HD rendering and a library of objects, materials, lights and environments that you can simply drag and drop, all for a quick 3D design creation.