Have fun decorating eggs: 4 original 3D printing ideas to fill up your Easter basket

While usually a fun time for us humans, Easter is particularly tough on eggs. From the moment they’re laid, they need to go through all these transformations to please the human eye. Whether it’s wearing a certain color or having a creative pattern, at VECTARY they must undergo a very thorough 3D eggsamination process and be declared fit for Easter celebrations.


From the multitude of eggs which were subject to this year’s VECTARY 1.0 eggsamination , the following four stood out among the pack:

1. Mr. Bunny Ears


Bunny Ears is so adorable he comes with the “Too much cuteness to handle” warning. Not yet ready to throw all shyness out the window, he is confident enough to know he can still charm a girl or two. Gentlemen, lock up your ladies!

VECTARY verdict: Cutest Easter Egg

Watch the tutorial:

2. Mr. Viking


When mr. Viking was laid, the earth and lab shook and the waters overflooded. As if his shell wasn’t strong enough already, the horned helmet he’s wearing makes him the most fearsome among his peers. He is the absolute “Egg Tapping” champion for three Easters in a row.

VECTARY verdict: Fittest Egg for Easter 2017

Watch the instructions video in Vectary:

3. Miss Chicken Legs


Some say miss Chicken Legs’ great great grandmother was French, which would certainly explain her chic looks and top model shapes. Although we personally think she should squat more, we were instantly charmed by her exuberant personality.

VECTARY verdict: Most Stylish Egg — Easter 2017

Watch how to 3D model it:

4. Mr. King


Some are born kings, others are made along the way. We don’t know if mr. King has any blue blood running underneath his shell but there’s a certain elegance that defines his appearance. Talking about wearing a crown with class…

VECTARY verdict: Winner Best Class Act

Watch the 3D modeling tutorial:

These easy-to-model egg helmets were all quietly 3D laid on a home-affordable Zortrax M200 3D printer, but you can use 3D printing services such as Shapeways, too.

Use our free egg 3D template:

You can use the base egg 3D model as a template for your Easter creations and let your imagination run wild. Just go to VECTARY, click Customize and start creating.


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